Contixo ST4 Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Tiles 112 PCs 3D Building Blocks
Contixo ST4 Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Tiles 112 PCs 3D Building Blocks
Contixo ST4 Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Tiles 112 PCs 3D Building Blocks
Contixo ST4 Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Tiles 112 PCs 3D Building Blocks
Contixo ST4 Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Tiles 112 PCs 3D Building Blocks
Contixo ST4 Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Tiles 112 PCs 3D Building Blocks
Contixo ST4 Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Tiles 112 PCs 3D Building Blocks

Contixo ST4 Kids Magnet Toys Magnetic Tiles 112 PCs 3D Building Blocks

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About this item

  • ADVANCED SET OF 112 PCS TOTAL: Package includes 112 magnetic blocks and a car, no pure plastic piece. Refill your existing magnetic blocks or even building blocks of other brand to expand model opinions. More pieces, more possibilities.
  • SAFE PLAY STEM TOYS: Well made with toxin-free materials and rounded-edge design. The Contixo ST4 Magnetic Tiles are safe for kids to play with and suitable for multiple age groups of different learning needs. Kids under 3 years need to be supervised to avoid choking hazards and parents need to be more involved in helping the toddlers to build magnetic shapes and structures.
  • MAGNET BUILDING BRILLIANCE: Different with other traditional building toys which are easy to fall apart, the Contixo ST4 magnetic blocks can build and hold with the help of strong magnets. Your loved ones will be cheerful when he or she surely knows “I made it” by finished construction models. Great way to excite the kids creativeness, imagination and to build self-confidence.
  • LEARNING WITH THE FUN: Attractive transparent rainbow magnet toy set is designed as educational toys to help build kid's sense of creativity and get better understanding of color, geometrical shapes and develop motor skills and creative thinking. Great for special reasoning, architecture, STEM and STEAM.
  • PERFECT BOREDOM BUSTERS & MEMORY MAKERS: Keep these magnetic building tiles in your special boredom buster cabinet. Every time your toddler say “I'm bored”, take them out and then he/she will pick an STEM activity to do for hours. We highly recommend parent-to-kid bonding play on weekends. Best gift for holidays for your loved ones.

Contixo ST4 Magnetic Building toys is STEM learning toys. Educational construction building blocks toys set best birthdays toy gifts for kids.

Contixo ST4 magnetic blocks (COMES WITH 112 PIECES) help foster brain development and creative thinking by giving kids and teens constructive ways to express themselves. Encourage creative thinking and help kids learn how to solve complex problems as they play. Learning to approach problems in a creative way is a skill that kids can use throughout their lives. Using this magnetic building sets to enhance these skills allows kids to grow in a way that is fun and enriching.

At last, it is very important that we don't forget to celebrate every day when your child creates something or succeeds at something new, even a small task!


Learning is Fun! It's never too early to start developing kids creativity at a young age, Mag Tilez inspire youngsters learning by playing, children will acquire a strong sense of colors, geometrical shapes including 3D forms, number counts, magnetic polars, as well as the creativity which is the key factor to success in today's ever changing environment. Give the youngsters a head start.


Entertaining for single or multiple parties, great for parent-to-child bonding with hours of fun quality time. Easy to construct and easy to put away for storage.


Unlike typical toys, each piece of tiles can be replaced and more tiles can always be added to build objects as big as desired.


Magnetic building blocks kit has so many parts, children need to use their imagination to assemble them, which could rapidly improve their hand-eye coordination and manipulative ability and train their logical thinking and problem solving-ability.


Time to start developing kids’ creativity. Children can acquire strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms numbers counts, polarities & architectural design at early age.


This building toys makes kids build, play & learn for hours of educational entertainment; multiple parties and feel the sense of achievement together. Increase the interaction between parents and children.


Contixo ST4 magnetic building blocks have bright color. It develops children’s visual discrimination towards colors. kids can build dinosaur, helicopter, big robot, elephant, and other funny models, allowing them to grow in a way that is fun and enriching.


Develop children’s sense of three-dimensional space. What makes children better than adults is that they have a lot of imagination. Best Christmas birthday gift kids’ toy for 3+ year boys and girls.


Made of non-toxic and durable ABS material, every single magnetic building block undergoes extensive testing. Smooth surfaces protect children’ little hands. There are no sharp edges, so children can play with them safely.


Magnetic building blocks come with strong storage bag and it is keeping the toys clean and tidy. It is perfect size to be carried by parents with kids for camping, school, small party, and other activities.


Smooth surface and round edge design will not scratch or hurt hands. Using ultrasonic welding process to ensure better tightness, magnet will not easily fall out, durable for long-term use.


This ST4 Magnetic Building Tiles is the best gift for kids. Unleash your kids' creativity and encourage them to build anything they put their minds to. Playing with family or friends indoor and outdoor.


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Customer Reviews

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Playful Learning

My son likes these very much. I saw other people's comments that they didn't have enough works to make anything I liked, so I got so much with this set. This money is absolutely worth it!

Versatile building

I bought these two years ago for boys aged 1 and 2 at that time. They are now 3 and 4 years old, and these building blocks are still the favorite toys that people play every day. They are durable and undamaged in multiple falls and throws. It's interesting to see how they use creativity when growing up.

Fran O.
Fun and Innovative

Grandchildren like to build with them. I bought the second set, so that he can create more complex structures.

Regina G.
Build Anything

I like these. You can afford them. These magnets are stronger and work with another set of magnets that we have. It is a very valuable toy that children can play with for many years. I often give these to my children as gifts, and there are many sets. They are also available in my STEM classroom.

Building Adventures

Children can immediately create successfully... this works on both sides of the brain!

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