Drone Contixo F31 Pro Foldable GPS with 2.5K WiFi Camera Anti-Shake, FPV Quadcopter for Adults and Beginners with Brushless Motor Return Home Follow Me and Storage Bag

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Product Features: 

  • Portable & Lightweight: This 4K drone with a camera has a compact design that allows the quadcopter arms and propeller blades to be folded. The small drone design (Folded Dimension: 140*86*56mm) and weighs less than 249g, no need to register your drone per current federal restrictions. Excellent choice for Beginners or Experts.
  • Endless Fun with our App: With GPS Follow Me, Point of Interest, Brushless Motors, and TapFly, the aircraft can shoot stable aerial photos and video. The carrying case included making it convenient to carry while traveling.
  • GPS & GLONASS: Dual satellite connectivity using both GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, which means you should never lose a signal outdoors. Along with the optical flow positioning, altimeter, and satellite systems, it features a great return-to-home point function and the latest in precise landing technology.
  • Explore the wide world of drone photography: with the Contixo F31 Pocket drone. With up to 25-minute flight time, perfect for beginners, its one-key takeoff/landing and adjustable maximum speed will let you learn how to fly with ease, with tons of features including 4K photos and 2.5K Video. 5GHz Wi-Fi features a max transmission range. Fly further with a control range of up to 800 Meters.


Customer Reviews

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Sam ridler
Great drone for the money

I have two drones. I will recommend them to anyone who wants to buy drones there. This is a very interesting way to fly. With excellent cameras and excellent customer support, I really can't say that this company or their drones have anything bad

Brianna Zink
Easy setup and flying

In addition to lightning fast delivery, it is also easy to set up and let you fly fast. This is my first UAV and the first time to drive a UAV. I've seen it before. You can't tell the difference between this one and the 800 dollar one. I like to hide the camera and protect it, which is very important when you crash, you will. After properly charging the controller and battery, you can fly in a few minutes. This is really interesting. Once you are familiar with the function of buttons, you will gain confidence, and then it will be more interesting. After two crashes, I tried the capability of this UAV with the technical level I was not prepared for, and the plane miraculously survived without scratch. From the beginning, stick to GPS flight until you really know how to fly. I am very satisfied with this UAV and the price you get. This is not a toy.


There is a problem with my UAV. They solved the problem with a professional attitude and defended your product quality. We are using our new UAV. It works well and we have a good time. Thank Contixo team for their role in caring for customers.

Devin C.
Does what it says it does

We bought a UAV on the spur of the moment recently. This was not an ideal experience, but it taught me some lessons. What do I want? A good flight experience starts with GPS and stability control, or gravity sensors. Good camera and image stability are also very suitable for those interesting photos. This is not necessary, but if you have a low quality camera and try to take videos or photos, the photos will become grainy. In addition, for photos, I want the SD/TF card slot on the UAV. If there is no on-board storage, the images must be returned to the phone, which reduces the quality (usually). Brushless motor is a huge advantage. They look a little quiet, but the most important thing is that they are speed controlled and can control the motor more accurately. In previous UAVs, I often encountered many problems with different motor power. Anyway, after reading the comments and articles for several days, I bought it and it did what it said. Since the first takeoff, the UAV has been as firm as a rock. It's really amazing. The control is simple. The video screen provides clear and smooth high-definition real-time video. After a short experiment, I let my 11 year old child fly. He had no difficulty in manipulating the UAV around the buildings in the yard. The camera has only one angle adjustment, but you don't need more. It's really easy to take a good picture. A few days later, we started the beginner mode and flew the UAV to 260 feet. I believe it will fly higher. But it was almost invisible at that distance. I was nervous because there was a breeze. It kept its position and quickly responded to the control. We like the experience of rotating the camera to take photos. Then we brought it back to the place where we started. After a week of use, we learned an important lesson. Follow the calibration procedure. If you are flying outdoors, please do not fly without gps lock. The return function depends on the pre flight gps lock. Otherwise, if you get gps lock after takeoff, you will not know where your home is. This bit us twice. Once, when we got home, the drone crashed into the woods. However, no harm was caused. The second is when the low battery return to home function starts. We launched the UAV before the GPS lock, and the UAV flew toward the street. I could bring it down, but it didn't land as ordered. I strongly recommend not flying without gps lock, unless you force the UAV into optical mode. A warning pops up on the screen, which is really good for the designers who remind me of GPS. But it is not clear what effect the lifting of the warning will have. If there is no proper home, it will produce unpredictable behavior. This was my mistake, because I wanted to take off immediately, and I ignored the warning. So, learn from my mistakes and avoid collisions. We are very satisfied with the UAV and will recommend it. For a beginner's UAV, this is a bit expensive, but its functions are very powerful. The company has existed for a period of time, and parts are also easy to obtain. You may need to buy parts sooner or later, so knowing you can buy them is a big advantage. In addition, I would like to reiterate that you should make sure you have GPS lock before takeoff. Otherwise, if you encounter low battery or other conditions, you will not be surprised by where the drone flies. This happened to us. Fortunately, we were still able to land safely. The application warns you that you are not in gps mode, so this should not surprise you. After the third time, we finally learned a lesson. Another thing is that you really don't want to run out of battery power when you go home. If you are not in an open area. It's not a joke that the manual says it can't avoid obstacles. The UAV will fly to about 50-70 feet and return quickly. If it encounters anything on the way, it will not have a good ending. I suggest that the timer for each battery should be about 15-17 minutes. The battery is easy for us to maintain for 20 minutes, but if you limit yourself to 15 minutes, you won't get any surprises. We also made the first set of props and trimmed some leaves and branches along the way. The flight of this UAV are still very good.

Michelle Mosby
Great value for dollar

The magic UAV, especially at the beginning, is definitely not a toy, easy to use, quick start and clear instructions. The single axis camera can take amazing videos and photos. It is not as stable as the three-axis camera, but it is not so fragile. As a starter, it allows errors without damage. In spite of this, I still crashed me several times, and it withstood my mistakes without damage. I did have a fault with the first motor, but it was immediately replaced by another motor, which was available within four days. There is no doubt that you can simply return. The software is great, and the options are very rich for price. I want to say it's about half of the DJI mini. This is the best value now, love it!!! Great company, solid products. Very interesting, super easy to use and understand.

Drone Contixo F31 Pro Foldable GPS with 2.5K WiFi Camera Anti-Shake, FPV Quadcopter for Adults and Beginners with Brushless Motor Return Home Follow Me and Storage Bag

Drone Contixo F31 Pro Foldable GPS with 2.5K WiFi Camera Anti-Shake, FPV Quadcopter for Adults and Beginners with Brushless Motor Return Home Follow Me and Storage Bag
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