Introducing the Xodo Smart Security Floodlight


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Introducing the Xodo Smart Security Floodlight

Smart Home Security

Get Peace of mind with effortless security at any location with remote monitoring. Install the security light at home, work, parents, kids, rental property, and more! Each location can monitor and illuminate front yard, garages, storage area, driveways, parking lots, and more. Our light is not passive, you can actively communicate with surroundings, sound siren alarms, and make emergency SOS calls as necessary. Xodo smart home products are a great solution to modernizing

State-of-the-Art Surveillance Technology

Boost Home security with the latest technology in motion detection, infrared night vision, environment sensing, 120° ultra-wide camera view, video recording, live video feed and snapshots. 1080p HD Camara records 150 feet, night vision over 50 feet

Tons of Features

Wi-Fi wireless network (2.4Ghz required), 2-Way Audible Communication, remote mobile viewing, MicroSD Card slot, incredibly bright floodlight at 1000 lumens/ 60 watts deterring unwanted activity. Fully weather resistant and a breeze to install. No further costs. Maintenance free. Keep tabs on your home from anywhere

Wide-Angle Ir Body Sensors & Motion Detection

120° Wide-angle IR infrared body sensor can detect a body within 12 Meters/ 26 feet and automatically turn on the floodlight; L/M/H 3 level motion detection sensibility with 64 Motion detection zones can be set through the app to reduce false alerts. Further eliminate false motion alarm with adjustable area setting. Only get notified when it matters!

Why XODO is the Best?

You will have a hard time finding Smart Home Security with programmable alert sounds, emergency SOS call, on demand siren alarm (110 decibel), and even a light dimmer adjustment to get the right light. We have U.S.A. based customer service and technical support.

Two Way Communication

Built-in microphone and speakers, adopted advanced audio Coding technology, and noise cancelling technology, that you can the hear and speak to someone on your property from your mobile device. Turn siren alarm on/off remotely, or make SOS calls to help deter unwanted activity.

Crystal-Clear 1080p HD Video

1080p HD video,120°field-of-view will let you detect motion around corners. Monitor your property through HD video and Live View on your smart phone at any time and anywhere.

Infrared Night Vision

With many low glow infrared LEDs, 850nm infrared flash technology brings clear view even in pitch black. It delivers a view of up to 50 feet in distance, so you can see further and can capture the clear pictures at night.

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