PK4 Home Security Kit

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  • Control The Smart Plug - You can view in your Xodo app if the device is on or off, giving you notification that if you should ever need to turn something off if you left it on, the Smart plug allows you to do so even when you are away from home. Manage Fans, Lamps, and other small electronics conveniently from your smartphone also compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant.
  • Schedule a Time - Schedule a specific time for your device to activate, going to be home in 30 minutes but its dark out? Should you have a lamp hooked up to the PK4 you can easily schedule the PK4 to turn on the light for you so your home is not completly in the dark. While you get ready for work you can activate the PK4 to start brewing your coffee while you get ready allowing you to get more things done before you have to take off to work.
  • Smart Home System Compatible - Want to pair it up with Google's assistant or Amazon's Alexa? You can do so in a few easy steps in the Xodo App, you can have a hands free experience and not have to worry about if this product is compatible with your smart home system, XODO gives you full control so you are able to get the best experience.
  • Live Smarter - With many more products Xodo has to offer the PK4 can sure add a more simplistic living space within your home, making things at home a lot easier to do and more convenient way of living. Control Household appliances from anywhere from your smartphone, Set Schedules of activation and deactivation, Compact Design, Make people think someone is home by turning the lights on even when you are not.
  • US-Based Customer Service & Technical Support - Providing outstanding customer service is our NO.1 priority. Should you ever run into any problems or need assistance, we are here to help!


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I first purchased a two pack of these smart plugs to try out. I liked them so much that I bought the 4 pack as well. Super easy install and set up. The app is very user friendly. Everything is working perfectly. I like how you can set it so more than 1 will turn on or off together and can run on a timer. Super handy for the Christmas tree too! No more struggling to get behind furniture at on/off switches. Great purchase at a fair price.

L. Groh

Switching to a smart home when you're on the wrong side of 70 can be a little daunting, but I can honestly say these were easy. I don't know if they work with Alexa, but Google assistant works great. I have some of them on timers, and some on command. They were fairly easy to set up, even for me - I'm a bit challenged when it comes to technology. I would recommend naming them the same in both apps just to keep things straight if you use an assistant. My objective was to eliminate the clutter from using remote plugs, and it did that. The reduction in electricity bills from not having things on when I'm not using them is a bonus. Very useful, time saving purchase.


I bought these Wi-Fi power plugs a couple of days ago and they work amazingly. They look, connect, and work wonderfully. They come in a Sleek, minimal design which comes in white. The process to connect these to my Alexa and Google home went wonderfully and it took me about five minutes to connect all four of them. The only complaint I have about this product is that the plug is slightly too big and takes up 2 slots sometimes and other than that it's an amazing product. I would highly recommend this to anyone who's looking for a cheap and high quality alternative to an expensive smart plug.


As stated I am new to this whole Alexa/automation/handsfree world. Bought these as per the price point. Even tho I'm dumb about such things, I did find them easy to set up and sync. Its a blast asking Alexa to turn things off and on. It amazes me actually. But I also wonder, how lazy can we get. I can sit on my ass and not even get up to control a lot of things. Get up to go to bed and on my way tell Alexa what to turn off and on. I'll probably gain even more weight


Really easy to install with Alexa. I like these because I can just plug with things I already own and have them be integrated rather than getting the smart version of all electronics. I like that there is still a manual button to turn the switch on and off. The plug is really sturdy doesnt fall out of the socket and holds heavy block chargers well too. The plastic is a matte white and not shiny which is not as cheap looking in my opinion. Neat little things!

PK4 Home Security Kit

PK4 Home Security Kit
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