LB3 Light Bulbs
LB3 Light Bulbs

LB3 Light Bulbs

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About this item

  • Automate Your Home - Download XODO Smart APP and connect with 2.4GHz (Not 5G) Wi-Fi network. Whether you are home or away, your lights will turn on and off based on the schedule you set through the App.
  • Multi-color smart bulb - Xodo RGB warm white smart bulb creating your favorite light effects with 16 million colors and the brightness of every color is dimmable and you can adjust the brightness as needed.
  • Wide Application - Set different light modes on the Xodo smart app to match various settings. Timing and Group
  • Timing and Group Control - With just one command to set scene mode, color palette, dimmable brightness

Wireless Home Security Kit

Xodo smart home products are very easy to install and you can use the free app to create schedules / Timer to automatically power on or off your home electronics and appliances at anytime. Scheduling allows you to prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed.

App Remote Control

Turn on/off your XODO smart bulb whether you are at home or away. You just need to download the Xodo Smart App.

Time Schedule

Change the mood of your home to match any moment.


Create your favorite light effects with RGB 16 million colors a monochrome palette. The brightness of every color is dimmable.

Color Change Sync to Music

Change colors according to rhythm of music melody. You can choose dynamic rhythm or soft rhythm, depending on your preferences or the music you are playing.

Set the Perfect Mood

Programmable scenes allow you to save your favorite lighting settings. From dimmable white to any color of the rainbow, the choices are endless.

Works with Alexa

Easily turn the light bulb on or off, adjust the brightness, and color temperature with a voice command.

What's in the box?

  • 4 x LB3 Light Bulbs
  • 1 x User Manual


User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
AJ Mendez
A 5-Star Powerhouse

One of the most important purchases Ive made in a while. Didnt realize I needed this until I had it. Love that I dont have to get up to shut lights off anymore. It also works off an app and is very helpful. Each color it changes to is pretty. Even the white light is bright and easy on the eyes. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their light bulbs and their life!!

Princess "Mary"
A true customer care

I originally purchased these bulbs for my hallway under the understanding that they were just plain old smart lights. I got way more bang for my buck with these. They were significantly easier to setup than other smart bulbs on the market, they get very bright, way brighter than most standard LED bulbs with no features. They can dim, and be put in to an automated schedule per your needs. They also do all the colors you could want, which I didn't realize when I purchased them. The app that comes with it is fantastic, and they work seamlessly with Google assistant and Alexa.

L. Harrison
The Best of the Best, Hands Down

I used the XODO app to configure the light, and then added them to my Google Home integration in the standard fashion. The voice control works amazing, and can control the brightness and color of both lights together, or independently. The voice commands themselves are natural too, so I don't have to force myself to say a particularly correct phrase.

Erica J.
Not 100% my thing but still love it..

I dim my room's lights with either a soft blue when my daughter is with me, or a soft red/dark pink glow when I'm alone. I love how well both work with the app, how quick response is with color change or turning on/off. Honestly connectivity with Alexa is hit or miss, mainly miss. But the app works so well that I can't even knock it down a star. My daughter and I play with the light animations, or "shows" as she calls it, too. Overall more energy efficient and we're very happy with them! It's cool to have multiple colors on at the same time.

Tarek A.
Phenomenal Results and Efficiency

Tried it for the past week. The bulb was very easy to setup via XODO app, and the bulb integrated well with alexa. Colors and brightness are great.

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