Contixo DY1 Take Apart Dinosaurs

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  • Contixo DIY Dinosaurs Toys DY1: Contixo DY1 Toys can promote kids image cognition, thinking development and exercise practical skills. The Three Dinosaurs [Tyrannosaurus, Raptor, Triceratops] part can be mixed and assembled according to your ideas, and various fun dinosaur shapes can be made. These dinosaurs help kids understand the wonder world of dinosaurs and explore the nature.
  • Advantages & Fun: Lightweight and flexible, easy to assemble. The eco-friendly material and strictly controlled in quality, sturdy and durable that stands up to hours of imaginative play. Great for kids playing, studying or collecting.
  • Exquisite Design and Good Applicability: DY1 Dinosaurs can be applied to other standard building blocks and animal figures. Multi-Colored NOT only allow children to exercise their cognitive abilities for different colors, but also create more imagination and thinking. Different shapes of dinosaurs can be formed. Allow children to increase the fun of the game by moving their parts.
  • Includes Electric Drill: The Electric Drill can switch between two different parts, making low-speed work safer and faster. The color box comes with assembly instructions to make the assembly easier. Batteries for Electric Drill (NOT included).
  • Best Gift for Kids: Introduce your kids to the wonderful world of Dinosaurs, stimulate their creativity and imagination, and promote essential cognitive skills development with our Contixo DIY dinosaurs [Tyrannosaurus, Raptor, Triceratops] Toys DY1. A perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, summertime, and other special occasions.


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Great buy .. it is exactly what thay say it is .

I paid 119$ for this excavator 2021 .. around March .. any ways we love it .. been great out the box .. we love to customize things so we added some weight inside the bottom 2.5 lbs to be exact of tool steel .. thats about it so far . It will drive over most anything if you take your time .. it does dig !! But needs to be soft dirt that has been tilled or sand . I mean it is a toy . But with mildly soft dirt it will dig . I love it kids love it .. just be patient with it .. it is a toy but what a great buy .. so much fun

Not sure who likes it more, my nephew or my brother

Bought this for my nephew for Christmas. He absolutely loves it! Hes getting the dump truck for his birthday to go with it.

Love it!

Amazing ?? used it to make a few additions to my flower garden, digs fine in compressed garden soil(you know the stuff that comes in a bag not fill) made 4 6x6x5 holes for some summer color. I was able to sit in a lawn chair didnt get my hands dirty at all. I hate gardening but am too cheep for a gardener, this was a fair comprimise. I actually enjoyed gardening, it was "fun". I'm going back tomorrow for more plant. Update: second time using it one of the gears chipped and the middle arm no longer goes up past half way.... Recived support and am happy with the exchange they are sending. I can't wait to get it so I can put some video of it in action up here. The only reason I'm not 5 stars is because I haven't received the replacement if it works and doesn't break again it will be upgraded again to 5 star. This thing is so cool


My 14 year old son loves this & says it was his favorite Christmas present

Shane Vaughan
Awesome Machine for Your Backyard Excavation

This is a pretty awesome machine! It has a lot of power and with a few mods, you can get this unit up to the big boys toys power.Really impressed with the realism. It is quite noisy, but thats a bulldozer.

Contixo DY1 Take Apart Dinosaurs

Contixo DY1 Take Apart Dinosaurs
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